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2022 Ford Bronco Sport in Dickinson

  • 1.5L EcoBoost® Engine with Auto Start-Stop Technology
  • Terrain Management System (TMS) with 5 G.O.A.T. Modes (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain)
  • SYNC®3 voice-activated technology with an 8-inch capacitive touchscreen with Swipe Capability*
  • Dual USB Ports – Type C+ Std A
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2022 Ford Bronco Sport MODELS

  • Bronco Sport

    Bronco Sport

  • Bronco Sport Big Bend

    Bronco Sport Big Bend

  • Bronco Sport Outer Banks

    Bronco Sport Outer Banks

  • Bronco Sport Badlands

    Bronco Sport Badlands

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2022 Ford Bronco Sport performance

Kick Up Dust

Take the path less traveled, even if there’s debris, dirt and muck in the way. The combination of 4x4 capability, off-road-tuned underpinnings and proficient vehicle dynamics will power you through the trails. *

2022 Ford Bronco Sport performance

Free to Wander

With a Bronco Sport Badlands model that harnesses 8.8 inches of ground clearance, with the available off-road tires, even the most experienced travelers take note.

2022 Ford Bronco Sport performance

Travel with Ease

The extra height provided by the extended roof means more space for your gear and head room for tall friends. The safari-style roof even gives you enough cargo room to fit two bikes standing up. * On top, the roof-rack structure for Bronco Sport can handle up to 150 lbs. with the standard steel roof.

2022 Ford Bronco Sport performance

HOSS Suspension

Every Bronco Sport has a High-Performance, Off-Road, Stability, Suspension (HOSS) System — tested in the wild and optimized to help drivers maintain vehicle composure while aggressively taking on rugged terrain. The system is highlighted by uniquely tuned front struts with hydraulic rebound stops designed to provide improved response and more comfort off-road, while softer springs and anti-roll bars provide greater articulation over obstacles.

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2022 Ford Bronco Sport appearance

8.8-Inch Ground Clearance

Conquer steep and sandy dunes with the high ground clearance of a Bronco Sport. * The 2022 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands can be outfitted with the optional 235/65R17 All-Terrain off-road tires giving you a ground clearance of 8.8 inches to help you get over the peak and onto your oasis.

2022 Ford Bronco Sport appearance

Wheel Arch Moldings and Rocker Panels

When you’re kicking up rocks on the trail, you’ll be glad to know there’s a buffer zone between your striking Bronco Sport body and the harsh ground below. The wheel arch moldings and rocker panels gladly take a beating to help protect your vehicle’s paint, body and window from debris.

2022 Ford Bronco Sport appearance

Metal Bash Plates

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but the route is a rocky one. Badlands comes standard with metal bash plates to protect the underbody of your vehicle when you’re moving through the wilderness. Waiting for you on the other side: a place few have gone before and a breathtaking view.

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2022 Ford Bronco Sport comfort

Bring Your Friends

Seating for five with extra head room thanks to the safari-style roof of the 2022 Ford Bronco Sport.

2022 Ford Bronco Sport comfort

Store Your Gear

Plenty of room with 65.2 cu. ft. of cargo* volume standard on the Base, Big Bend and Outer Banks models.

2022 Ford Bronco Sport comfort

B&O® Sound System by Bang & Olufsen®

Prepare to be moved by the powerful sonic experience of the available 10-speaker B&O® Sound System, including a highly efficient subwoofer that delivers heart-pounding bass with reduced weight and saved space.

2022 Ford Bronco Sport comfort

Wireless Charging

Keep your phone fully charged for the hike ahead with the available wireless charging pad found in the center console.

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New Vehicle Limited Warranty

Bumper to Bumper: 3-Years/36,000 Miles Powertrain: 5-Years/60,000 Miles Corrosion: 5-Years/Unlimited Miles Hybrid/Electric Drivetrain Components: 8-Years/100,000 Miles  Diesel Engine: 5-Years/100,000 Miles Roadside Assistance: 5-Years/60,000 Miles

2022 Ford Bronco Sport Safety Main Img
2022 Ford Bronco Sport safety

Auto High-Beam Headlamps

With Auto High-Beam Headlamps, unlit roads, dark peripheries and other low-visibility situations don’t have to catch you off guard. Auto High-Beam Headlamps can sense poor lighting conditions and switch on the high beams to light your path ahead. They can even sense oncoming headlights and dim automatically so you don’t have to worry about blinding other drivers. As a result, you can keep your focus and both hands on the wheel.

2022 Ford Bronco Sport safety

BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) With Cross-Traffic Alert

With BLIS, you won’t have to bother your passenger with “Can I get over?” This feature can help detect and alert you to vehicles in your blind spots, while Cross-Traffic Alert can detect traffic behind you when you’re slowly backing out of a parking spot or driveway.

2022 Ford Bronco Sport safety

Pre-Collision Assist With Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

This feature scans the road ahead and can alert you to potential collisions with vehicles or pedestrians detected in your path. If an impact becomes imminent and you don’t take corrective action, the brakes can apply automatically. But don’t worry – they’ll only activate if they’re needed.

2022 Ford Bronco Sport safety

Rear View Camera

Backing up made easy. The Rear View Camera provides a clear view of what’s behind your vehicle. There’s also an available built-in washer so you can keep the camera lens free of debris (like snow or dust) and navigate Reverse with confidence.

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